Investing in Retail Properties: Reader’s Favorite Review

Reader’s Favorite Review

Gary D. Rappaport, a self-made multimillionaire in the retail property sector, recounts his journey from a modest upbringing to becoming a successful entrepreneur in his book, Investing in Retail Properties. Raised on Long Island, Rappaport’s success stems from his father’s entrepreneurial spirit, optimism, problem-solving, integrity, and people skills, which he combined with his own knack for numbers. Transitioning from a paperboy to a property developer and owner, he meticulously details his wealth-building strategies, from acquiring undervalued commercial real estate, and raising equity capital, to leveraging tax advantages. However, he warns of the risks and challenges, including financial stress and macroeconomic fluctuations. Additionally, he highlights the life changes that come with such a venture, providing an honest insight into his personal experiences and the lessons learned over 40 years in the industry.

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