Gary Rappaport- Compassionate Leader Who Works Hard and Cares For Others

Gary sat down with John Coe of Icons of DC Real Estate for a second time to discuss everything from the stability of grocery-anchored retail to the H Street Project.

“Very pleased to share the latest episode of Icons of DC Area Real Estate featuring Gary D. Rappaport for the second time! Why a 2nd interview? Our first conversation was in August, 2019 before the pandemic and everything was great then. In the past four years we’ve experienced the pandemic, which halted his business at the time, the resurgence of the retail industry, the rise in inflation and interest rates, and during all this time, Gary updated his book, Investing in Retail Properties, into a 3rd Edition. Gary updates his thought process based on lessons learned and now is considering some changes to his model of raising equity. He re-emphasizes his passion for mentoring and his meticulous attention to details in almost everything he does. Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Gary.”

Listen to the Podcast Here