ICSC Las Vegas,
May 21 – 23

Professional Development Workshop: Investing in Retail Properties and Structuring Partnerships
Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, United States

Sunday May 21, 2023
3:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: Wynn Hotel – Lafite 5


Gary D. Rappaport, CRRP, ICSC Past Chair; CEO, RAPPAPORT

Raising equity from friends and family as well as from institutional investors to acquire a retail property can be challenging if you don’t structure the deal to ensure your investors receive the tax-advantaged returns that are commensurate with the risk you expect them to take. Learn how cash flow and appreciation (upon refinance and/or sale) are shared between your investors and you as the managing member of the ownership entity. You will learn from the Forbes Books author of “Investing in Retail Properties” what is a reasonable preferred return, the effects of a cumulative non-compounded return compared to a cumulative compounded return, and how to structure your back-end promotion for creating value for the investment property. In this hands-on workshop, the speaker will share real-life examples of actual offering memorandums and financial templates he uses to raise his own equity.

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